Giving back to our community, both local and global, is a huge part of the 4-H experience. See a small selection of what San Diego County 4-H’ers have access to as part of our program and a few you can do on your own.

Clean Up Your Neighborhood!

We’ve all done beach and park cleanups but the next time you walk through your neighborhood with your parents bring a trash bag and pickup any trash others may have left behind. Have a contest to see who in your family can pick up the most trash on your walks! 

Foster Kittens

4-H youth and families volunteer with local animal rescue organizations in their catteries and as foster families. Youth members can participate in cat projects while applying their knowledge directly to raising foster kittens.


Petting Zoos

Every year, 4-H youth bring animals out to city/county events, schools, care homes, and more, for petting zoos and presentations on different species. We miss being able to share our love of animals with the public and can’t wait to resume these events!

Other Community Service our 4-H’ers Participate in…

  • Letters to Veterans and Deployed Service Members
  • Food Drives for Local Community Food Banks
  • Serving Food at Community Kitchens for those in need
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Toys 4 Tots
  • Visits to Elder Care Facilities
  • Sewing for Australian Wildlife after the Fires
  • Fidget Mats for Alzheimer’s Patients
  • Sewing for Dogs and Cats up for Adoption
  • Making Cat and Dog Toys for the Humane Society

Interested in Joining San Diego County 4-H?

Visit our main website, to find out more about our program.

Contact Debbie McAdams, our San Diego County 4-H Program Representative, at 858-298-5895 or [email protected]